Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Aliens in church...

mWhat if, after I put the world in to SEGA, God spoke to me and said to go to Her?
Now what if I told you that my pact with Satan was that if he allowed all people to go to Heaven, that I'd stay down in hell with Hin (or Her)?


That's how serious existence is.

"Conversations With God" was basically my way of ensuring that everyone makes it to Heaven.
No matter how hard you sinned.
Or what you had to do to obtain your riches.
There's no way you could pay me back.
Not even by buying my music.

So there's that.

Heineken is a great beer, but Coronas still reign as my favorite beer.
Any Corona fans (online) in the house tonight?

I can't hear you!!!

Enthusiasm is what most concert-goers are looking for.
At least the critics.
But the best performers and performances had more spirit than motion.
So rappers (if you're still rapping), you don't have to look like a baffoon on stage.
I don't want to see it as a regional thing.
But NY rappers seem to have more class on stage.
They're aggressive, sure, but they respect the crowd.

Even Angel Haze.

Shouts to you, beautiful.

I was talking with my uncle the other day.
I think I'm interested in being an A&R.
Talent just falls on my lap, like every day.

I sound like Tori.
Must be all the telepathic psychic sex we have/had.

Entry done.

Back to work.

~follow the buzzards~

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