Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Don't get me wrong...

Turn First/First Access has done a lot for me.
Moreso personally than professionally.
Which isn't to shit on what they've done for me professionally.
But on the personal front, they really boosted the morale of my immediate family (me and mom).
We weren't money hungry scrubs, but the advance(s) were used to purchase things of a high level and promote musical/personal/professional excellence.

This very laptop was a gift from them, on my 2014 birthday.
Don't ask me to remember how old I was then.


We just came to a crossroads where, if I didn't follow my heart, I'd make an ass of myself and my team.
Jono, it's all love, but you have to understand that my abilities are not for the amusement of executives.
Musically, MAYBE.
But (this) and anything I do on a metaphysical level is MEANT TO BE FREE.

Straight up.

I don't know how much the album sold.
I somewhat don't care.
I'm more concerned about...

The Socratic Doomer

I'm gonna be very patient this year.
Such is my resolution.
I will watch and listen to every player in this game.
Every. Player.

Music is mine.

Chimp1, I got that artwork for you soon.

~follow the buzzards~

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