Saturday, January 21, 2017


I previewed this song on IG.
Shouts to Sarob from Columbus.
A StarChaser I met while covering the Gears of War event with Carlito/Charlie Boy Media.
We chatted about the game (Gears) and, long story short, we ended up recording 2 songs for my production compilation, "Don't".

On this song, he's playing the role of John Nintendo.
No further questions.
Does this make him the bad guy?

While on this song, I was talking about my mystery lady.
The lady who may be Dr. Dre.
The lady who may be Lisa Palmer.
But, definitely Simone Marshall.

If I'm lucky, she might be my LONG TIME crush (and Briana's nemesis) Raven~Symone!!!

So I dedicate this song and MVGEN (Music Video Generator) to you, Raven.

Will Don't ever see the light of day?
I need some artists and a studio!
Let's go!

~follow the buzzards~

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