Monday, January 23, 2017

"...I broke apart my insides..."

I feel like me and my uncle might be falling out soon.
I know he wants what's best for me.
That I can go to sleep with.
But... we're too (2) different people.
He's very analytical.
I'm creative.
It's like...
He'd make for the perfect manager and I'd make for the perfect artist.
All I want to do is make music.
I'm not a bad performer.
I just don't like crowds anymore.
In fact, I never liked crowds.

Makes you wonder why I got in the business to begin with.

I got some messages today from a fan who misses the lo-fi, heavy compression sound.
Quite simply, I got nicer with compression.
You can barely hear it now.
The distortion IS THERE.
In fact, it's more metal than ever.
It's just... now it has a more futuristic cleanliness to it.

I can't turn back now.

However, I believe my final days are among us.
Musically, at least.
I might vent on the mic every so often.
Might even drop it.
But as far as dropping music in high quantities, nuh-uh.

I've spoiled you.
Now it's time to spoil myself.

If only I could spoil myself with some wealth.

I don't know what Lisa's problem is.
She's been very distant.
Might be because of the doomer incident.

I love you!
Why are you doing this to me?!

The Socratic Doomer
This summer.

~follow the buzzards~

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