Saturday, 14 January 2017

If I could buy back my virginity...

Then you bitches would appreciate me.
Maybe even appreciate Sonic the Hedgehog.

I regret fucking some of you.
Almost all of you.

"Got girls that I should've made wait for it..."
-Drake, "For Free"

All my music has been for free.
And it's better than anything to come.
I made sure of it.
So, do you really wanna fuck with The Illuminati?

Oh wait.
They love me, too.

So now what?

I know how to be loyal.
NO ONE knows how to be loyal to me.

Except Danny.

Danny Enjetic.

This guy is DOWN for me.
MAD love.
No hidden agendas.
Just... pure admiration, respect and

And I shun fun.

I feel like Keanu Reeves in "The Devil's Advocate".
All I want is a solid career in the big city with a beautiful wife.
My days with Lisa feel numbered.
Can't even stunt about that.
Don't want to, either.

I should finish this Mountain Dew (from Taco Bell) and just revel in the fact I'm so handsome, I'm unreachable.

I said it, but I don't believe it.
Egypt/SEGA said I was the beauty.
The Gothic Nicki Minaj.
I just wish there wasn't so much focus on my ass.

Everyone is gay.
Stop looking at/forward to my ass!

Fuck Scooter.


With that said, I'm going back to work.
Or love.

I love what I do, do what I love, and do it for the love of you.
Thanks Ron Isley.

~follow the buzzards~

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