Monday, January 23, 2017


Some of the things I do in my personal life is for the world to see.
But I still want privacy.

I have a masturbation problem.
It's very addictive.
Perhaps... it's my 6.

This girl is probably reason for me to stop masturbating.
But she's not ready for the responsibility of my heart.

What a shame.

This year could be very quiet.
If I'm still the CEO of Apple, you have access to some great music of mine.
However, there is the privacy issue.
Which is trumped (for lack of better words) by the issue of men.
All is deaded by telepathic communication.

And my lack of ability to control my brain.

Or maybe I can control my brain.
I avoid my issues with crime and ciolence (and wonder) by staying dormant.
I don't fight.
At all.
For some reason, I have to fight Madonna.
I might not have to, but she threatens my reign.
Or, my friendship with an alien.

My favorite alien... all of my favorite aliens, come from SEGA.
But apparently, there's more.
Galaxies more.

Too bad I collect souls.

See you in July.

~follow the buzzards~

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