Saturday, January 28, 2017

Just like you.

I used to and still want to be just like my uncle.
Sometimes he's so strict I hate him (whiteboy problems), but he defines what it means to avoid black guy problems.
Which isn't to say he doesn't have them.
It's just, he can handle every situation.

At the same time, I want to be just like J Dilla.
Smooth, humorous and talented.

Then there's 9th.
Who's like a mummy.

I need my own place. Soon.
I want to record when I want, smoke cigs and joints, have my own Henny, and have my baddie come over.
I might even want kids (if I don't have any already).
But money is a rare commodity for musicians these days.

All I know is the price of living on your own.

HamilVision posted a cryptic message on Twitter.
I think he's giving up.
If anyone is watching the videos/listening to the music, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the HamilVision channel.
We work hard.
Some of my songs are DESIGNED for his videos (e.g. Ralph Nader, Seinging For The Fences, Fibber on the Roof).
He's a great addition to my musical arsonel.

More to say, more music to be made...

The Socratic Doomer
This summer.

And thanks for the love on my 8-bit freestyles.
Possibly more to come.

~follow the buzzards~

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