Thursday, January 19, 2017

Look at the night, and just keep on tokin'...

You smoke weed to chase your dreams.
Then, once you obtain your dreams, you smoke weed to ACCEPT it.
Then, you get depressed in your high, so you smoke MORE weed.
Then, you're high feels good, so you smoke EVEN MORE weed.
Then you have to pay bills, so you smoke out of stress.

Before you know it, all your money is gone and your weed habit is worse.

But do you even know where you go when you smoke?

Once I learned the destination, it became easier to cope with the high.
I just had/have to be careful who I smoke with.
As of right now, the only person I want to smoke weed with is Halo.
He's shown me some CRAZY shit in the high.


I still smoke with Chimp1 from time to time.
I'm a casual smoker.
But the high always leads to psychic disasters.

When I'm with Danny (Enjetic), I smoke with his girl.
Who's a high in herself.

Lately I've been getting a thrill from cigarettes.
It's like a high, too.
Then again, the nicotine is a killer.
I'm sure my lungs look like two Kevin Harts.

One of my StarChasers (Andrew B.) sent me a dope Cleveland Indians fitted.
I already took a pic and posted it on IG.
But if you see me (around), you'll see it.
If there's one signature I have (or want), it would be the fitted.

Today is rather quiet.
It's chilly, no sunshine, and I'm not trying to force myself to make music.
But I have to do something.

Why is it so easy to get to me?
I should be immune to the bullshit (by now).
Alas, everyone wants me to figure out who they are.
If I can't figure out who they are, I'm not The All Seeing Eye.

It's not like The Internet makes it easy.
You don't have to show your true identity.
So you can't even trust who you're looking at.

Unrelated, and *lol*, but management isn't returning my calls.
So much for them.
Eventually, and hopefully, I'll be done with this deal and I can move on.
Some folks have things lined up for me already.
And of course, I have my own company.

But what's it all for?
What's it worth, if I'm not going to bow?

This could be a previous high kicking in.
I probably shouldn't have smoked all those bongs in space.
I just thought a higher sense of consciousness was necessary to be the "captain of" the "ship".

Shouts to Dr. Dre.
Twice, actually.
Because I referenced "If I Can't" earlier.


I have some reading to do.
And some editing of this here blog.
Catch up (a beat), or get caught.

~follow the buzzards~

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