Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Models Gone Wild

Sometimes I wish I was gay.
Just to never have to deal with you bitches again.
It feels like the more of a gentleman I am, the more I get shitted on.
Lisa should be enough.
But I'm hungry like the wolf.

So, I'm not the best boyfriend.

But yeah.
I'm tired of women.
So duplicitous.
Then again, men are disgusting.
I am one, so I know.
For real.
I can't kiss another man (again).
Nor can I bone a man (again).

I'm tired of homosexuality.
I hope Trump kills them all.
At the same time, Black people are at risk of getting killed off.
And I'm Black, no matter how much SOAD pumps through my veins.

Special shouts to Korn.

Am I really as "bad" as Egypt/SEGA said I was?
If so, why the mocking?

None of these guys are attractive.
They just have money.

Something I can't seem to get my hands around.

When I had it, it was taxed.
In fact, I trusted the money in the hands of ...well, just HchO.
Right now, a convo with HchO would be beneficial.

Or would it?

I need attention.
I want the attention Drake has.
Happy, StarChasers?
I'm doing this for attention.

"The male Amy Rose; it amounts to this..."
-Charles Hamilton, "Bart-ing From Soddom"

I don't want to model again.
I don't want to act.
I barely want to put out music again.
I just want to create.
As much as that sounds like something Kanye would say, I have to admit it's the realest shit.

There's nothing realer than looking at something you created.
It just sucks to look at a multiple of yourself.
When you self-multiply.
I can show you how, but... why?

So more of you can chase me around and say you're better?

The Socratic Doomer.
Whenever I get off my highLow horse.

~follow them~

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