Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Apology to Jack Splash

I'm very biased about 4.
I've made it clear, both rambunctiously and silently, that George Massa (Madlib), James Yancey (J Dilla) and Jack Splash (Jake One) are ALL I CARE ABOUT.
However, in recent years, I have faltered.
 I allowed the forever persuasive tactics of Jay-Z influence my music (among others)
Basically, I was using Jack's rhyme style to address, diss and dismiss Jay.
So maybe I made him proud.
But I did so, under the gauze that he was gay.

Jack Splash is not gay.

In fact, I think I'm screwed for thinking so.
Even if I didn't really think it.

Shadow, I love you.
I want you to love me, too.
I'm BLUE, dammit!
Why does my depression surprise anyone?
I don't like anything but you three.

And Lisa.

But Lisa's on some other shit nowadays.
She's ... distant.
I get it, though.
"I cheated, therefore I deserve you to be leaving. And I believe in the reason."

So Jack, I'm sorry for taking your style.
I'm just waiting for the day us 4 can reunite.
In fact, that's all I want.
But still.

Matter fact?
That's it.
I just want us.

And Simone Marshall.

MAYBE Sasheer Zamata.
She's too bad for me, though.

Fine ass Daft Punk.
(grunts like I just ate a fried wing)

Jack, I love you.
Stay cool.

Pick up Uncool Uncle (Jack Splash/Bobby Caldwell) on iTunes.


We are forever.

I am art.

~follow the buzzards~

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