Monday, 2 January 2017

Osiris' Virus

I apologize, Mother Egypt.
I apologize, SEGA.

I can't stop revealing secrets.
I can't hide anything!

In 2012, I tried to thwart the supposed "worship"... really if ANYONE, by subconsciously revealing worship-level secrets.
Like who's running what.
And what food really is.
And how men really are.

It entertained, but now it's weighing heavy on my conscious.
I didn't make a dime off the secrets I shared.
Now, Nicki is dating Meek (because of me).
Beyoncé has proven to be harder than me.
I have proven to be a chicken shit (couldn't kill for the throne).
And ... man, everything is just BAD.

I want to keep secrets.
I already let Atari down by revealing they even exist.
All I'm left with is SEGA.

Where am I to go now?

I feel like making music all day again, but one will understand.
And after I say things, I tend to forget what I was talking about.

I sincerely hope it's not age.

I am 128.000,000,000,029 years old.
And I don't look a day over 25.

I shouldn't have even revealed my age!

I'm fucking up...

How do vampires keep a secret?


~follow the buzzards~

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