Monday, January 16, 2017

The (bitter)sweet taste of quitting..

As I'm sure you're all familiar with, I feel like giving up again.
Then again, Im working on a new album.
So maybe it's the beast clawing at my subconscious.
And conscious.
Shit makes me feel like I am defeating myself, in front of everyone else.

Ah, to be a Socratic doomer.

Shouts to all my doomers out there.
You don't have to catch me out there.
I got too much love for y'all.
And I got aliens I care about.

So don't doom them either.

But I still want to learn y'all ways.

If y'all even exist.

I made some great beats this weekend.
And apparently I made a dope single.
I might take it down though.
Don't wanna give Drake TOO much attention.

He already kinda rules the world.

Can't close the blog entry on that note, so I'll do it like this.


~follow the buzzards~

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