Sunday, 8 January 2017

The pending doom of the StH series.

SEGA, I need to know NOW.
Am I Sonic?
I spent my whole existence (this lifetime and the ones before it) idolizing my blue buddy.
I sacrificed my own well being to prove he is the ultimate lifeform (not Shadow).
I need to know if I am him.

The most recent StH was about Sonic (me) realizing I'm Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy.
It was ...intense.
I'm not a Final Fantasy player.
I'm barely a gamer.
Like... sorry SEGA, but I don't play video games anymore.
Though the technology and graphics are special (to say the least), the soul is gone.

There was nothing like using your ingenuity to play games like Barkley: Shut Up and Jam with friends.
The games might have taken you away from reality, but they brought you closer to your fellow man.
Nowadays, warfare might as well break out from the gameplay of these new games.

Just my opinion.

Back to StH: Cloud.
I was very depressed about not being Sonic.
I don't like how the project was coming out.
But I can't go on not being Sonic.

Did I give Christina license to be Sonic when we made love?
Does Simone own Sonic? (I mean, pick one!)
Has Turn First turned me against SEGA?

Listen, all.
I'm sure this is going to ...
Beyonce, I hope you're happy.
With whomever you're with.
Be it me (in my sleep) or him (in his reality).
Just know that a lot is in the balance because of your desires.

And you're Silver.
So you probably know more about me than I'm willing to let be heard.
Or known.

Sonic, I love you.
Nothing comes before you.
Please trust me.
I'm sorry I entered into a situation in which you may have been getting raped.
But that's why I told you to leave my body.

I wanted to fight, and if I lost, I (not you) would be the one feeling the shame.
But come back home.

Charles Hamilton loves Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sorry ladies, but TheTrueMauritianWarrior has my heart.

Can't say that to my BM, though.

Sonic, I need to be you.
StarChasers, trust that Sonic is real.
Everyone else, find yourself.
SEGA, I will not let you down.

Sonic will rise.
Even if I don't.

~follow the buzzards~

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