Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To StarChase...

This is around the hour when the stars start to dwindle in the night sky.
They wink at those staring.
They gaze at those wishing.
They hate on those hating.
Hate only begets hate.

So Harlem...
Why is hate the new love?
Is this all Kay Slay's fault?
Haters can't be lovers.
But if they could be, would you fuck the shit out of a hater?
Would it feel good?
Would you feel good, after?

I don't understand the motives of some of you.
It seems like you want me to stress over ONLY YOU.
Which sucks.
Admittedly, I still visit that Kanye thread about me.
Just to see what they're saying.
Some of the drawn conclusions are so off that it feels like an insult.

I remember how much hate I was getting in 2014.
Not just from y'all on KTT.
But from the whole damn world.
It seems like suicide is the only way out.
Then again, Don Cornielius committed suicide, and it seemed like no one cared.
The last thing I want is to commit suicide and not be cared about.

Maybe I am a narcissist.

With that being said, I'm going back to the beats.
I got A LOT of work to do this year.
Which isn't to say I haven't been working hard already.


~follow the buzzards~

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