Thursday, January 26, 2017

Why she gotta do me like that?!

So there's Beyonce.
The angelic face of S.A.T.A.N.
The barbaric poet of SEGA.
God's emcee.
Satan's concubine.

Look at the mess I started.

I always thought she was extremely attractive.
As I got older and her career progressed, she became so apparent that to like her would mean to ignore her.
So that's what I did.
And Jay (seemingly) is a good catch, so those "dreams" were deferred.

While in C.A.T.S., I kept getting visions of her being a succubus.
And the more I listened to hip-hop, the more I saw how many emcees were victimized by her.

So I started summoning her.
Probably the biggest mistake, since I was (at the time) dating the most beautiful girl in the galaxy.

Simone Marshall.

(fuck your boyfriend, babe; like, don't ACTUALLY fuck him, but yeah... he sucks)

 And then, Apple.

Since everyone has seen the get down of me and Bey, things have become strained between us friends and strangers.
We don't know each other personally (minus that one picture), yet we're severely bonded.
Sometimes it's horrible.
Other times, I benefit.

I just hope it's love.

Bey, how do you feel about my music since 2012?


~follow the buzzards~

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