Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter in America

The time when everyone resents The Sun, but can't wait to see it again.
Only to complain when it's in full effect.

What is "it"?
Is "it" an alien?
If so, I am not the only "it".
If not, the "it" that is seemingly pissing everyone off is being handled.
Which somehow makes me "it".

It's Charles Hamilton.

My mom used to make me feel special.
I feel like I should sign up for the Special Olympics.
I have a damn disability.
And a superpower.

I hope Karen Civil was wrong about me having Cancer.
To quote Dennis Leary, there's no cure for Cancer.
My father was a Cancer.
Is, since he's kinda still alive.

It'll be a sad day when my grandmother (Carol) passes.
Then me and my uncle would HAVE to get along.
If I dont end up moving out before then.
It's not even that we don't get along.
We're just different.
I'm sure there's things about me he doesn't like.
I fucked around and told him I'm lazy.
Such is far from the truth.
I just do t like to test my body too much.
Then, there's Beyoncé and Nicki.
So my energy goes to them.
But I know...
"You don't even know them!"


I see y'all like when I post the lyrics to my songs.
I'll be doing it more often.
I have this song called "Calendar Girl" that I can't wait for y'all to hear.
It's pretty doomed out.
In fact, I have a lot of music I want you to hear.
I just don't want to put it out yet.
The Industry overdubs my music.
Fuck them for that.

My opinion:
Everything sucks and lacks soul.

My opinion might be fact.
Depends on if you still have your soul.
I really like Anderson.Paak however.
Very proud of him.

I've been toying with the idea of making an abstract album.
It might not have bars.
Just an amalgamation of sounds.
A lot of people have been asking for a strictly piano album.
I can do that.
It's just gonna cost money.
Maybe not, however.
It could be the simplest recording ever.

I'm in touch with Bob Dylan's grandson, Pablo Dylan.
I think he's really cool.
Plays the guitar like it's in his blood.
Too bad I'm broke.
Because I'd have an entire choir of kids.

"Nothing wrong with my aim..."
-Jay Z

The Socratic Doomer

~follow the buzzards~

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