Friday, 10 February 2017

As we proceed...

Another day.
Another morning, post-nightmare(s).
I gotta really watch where I sleep.
And who I trust.

So there's that.

I got a few subliminals about The Socratic Doomer.
Basically, since I'm making people wait for it, they want to MAKE SURE it's a classic.
I'm not making you pay for it, but look at all of what you've gotten for free.
No features.

With suicide not being an option (#30), that leaves space travel.
The people I would've taken with me are out of the question.
Won't name names.
But yeah.
It's just me and SEGA.

The way it always should've been.

I won't go there with how wild they are.
I can get wild myself.
But thanks to hardcore medication and intimidation, I'm now subdued.
All I know is, I don't want to spend another day on this planet.
And I won't be missed.
Reasons I can't explain.

Since I don't know much.

I got a few requests to do features.
They don't like my prices, so they talk shit.
I guess I can't make money.

Basically means no more at-home ProTools usage.
Which sucks!
Oh well, GarageBand it is...
I make good music (on there) regardless, so it is what it is.

My beloved record collection has been getting more and more eclectic.
A bunch of great additions.
Being The Eye means I have no privacy, so y'all know where I get them from.
If you don't, you know where I get them from.

The same place most of you could go.

How does Howard Stern and Don Imus get away with being abusive to the listener?
Such is a form of mastery in journalism...
Gotta get there.

Shouts to Frank MIDI and Danny Audio.
We make CLASSICS at Brick Oven!

I haven't spoken to Lisa in a good minute.
It looks like our relationship is through.
I'll wait until VDay to see.
I did cheat, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is her way of getting revenge.
Regardless, I have love for her and wish her well.

(bottled up; MAD shit is bottled up)

The day is just getting started.
I might be back on later.

For those on The Path, stay on it.
I strayed (The Chris-es), so I expect women to be grossed out at the sight of me.
But I'm still a good person.

Wicked as I am.


I love my hair.

~follow the buzzards~

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