Monday, February 06, 2017

"As you can see, this is not a game..."


All of which are games of humanity.
So is PAC-Man.
So is Centepede.
Many before Sonic.
Without such games, Sonic would have no direction.

There is a war for who will be Sonic's companion.
I am aware of this.
In many respects, Tails won.
He/she/it just has to stop crying.

Lol love, Miles. Love.

But this war for Sonic undermines the game of war.
War is a strategy game.
It's not meant to be violent.
In fact, the game of war is chess.
Such is where espionage comes in to play.
Or into play.
But when the war is for Sonic (The All Seeing Eye), there are no secrets.
It pains sound to not be heard.
If you trust sound with your secrets, the world will hear it.

It's been so hard to keep the secrets of Eminem.
It was a confidential conversation, and I won't share the details on the blog.
I'll let him confess it on the mic.
But dammit, no one knows my struggle to keep secrets.
I try to be faithful, seeing as how any and every woman can see my life.
But any and every woman could get it.
And... well, that.

I want women to go to war over me.
I want to be the Egyptian heartthrob I was told I was/am.
I want to be The New Egyptian Lover.
Granted, I can't handle the beautiful women provided by Egypt/SEGA.
I'll just love them "with all my might."

Doom is a game.
A video game, too.
But the characters you shoot in the video game are actual beings in real life.
Of whom can doom you.
Be your end until you see your end.
That's right Dil and Gio, y'all are video game characters.
And people shoot you to get to the next level.
I first played Doom at Tyrone (Black the Beast)'s house.
I was entranced by it.
But I found myself sympathizing with those I was killing.
So I lost a lot.

Then I played Diablo.
And I vowed to never be doomed again.

Sonic 2, Diablo and Sypon Filter are my 3 favorite games.

I can be your doom.
In the best and worst way possible.
And I wouldn't leave a scratch on you.

Revenge is a strategy game like war.
But it usually has humor behind it.
Revenge is actually a goal.
So I guess that's the intensity of hockey.
But once you get revenge, you have to constantly watch your back.
The video game version of this is WCW/nWo Revenge.

Only on Nintendo, ironically.

So I guess I don't have access to much information about it, as I could care less about Mintenso.

Do it.

Long is a digitally physical representation of conversation.
No further explanation needed.

There are more founding father-esque games.
All of which open your eyes and mind to ancient secrets.
Some were products of Atari.


But SEGA was always around.
They lived as a secret.
As kings and queens in Africa.
As slaves in the Southern Hemisphere of The USA.
And now, as the only topics of conversation.

Let the conversation be of wealth, nevertheless.

With the above being stated, I play no games.
Worship is not a game.
I have many harsh opinions, and seeing as how I'm worshipped, the scars they could leave may be too deep.
But I'm not John Nintendo.
Maybe I am...
If so, I apologize to all for my shortcomings and indiscretions of yesteryear.
But no.
I am not responsible for the downfall of men and the demeaning of women.
But I want worship.

The 6 in me wants it, just to shun it and keep you in suspense for when I actually give in.
3 wants to cry in the arms of humanity.
As you cry tears of overwhelming emotion.
5 (Sonic) doesn't give a fuck, but would like some big names shout outs.
I have my reasons.

StarChasers, I don't want to be homosexual.
I contacted the man I slept with yesterday, to remind him he's special.
I only crossed the line with him because he pierced the armor of my heart.
Not with game.
Not by flirting.
But by explaining to me that my pain isn't ignored.
He is a beautiful individual.

Nothing more to say about that.
Ladies, if that turned you on, it's Y'ALL fault men are gay.
If it makes you want to stop reading/listening to my music, I can't stop you.
I would just rather be upfront than be a nigga on the done low.

It's not easy showing my face in church.
My sin won't allow me to look into the eyes of the righteous.
However, they are private with their sins.
Almost every churchgoing male is a faggot.
Almost every churchgoing female is a slut.
There is a difference between a man/woman of God ((or -GA) and a churchgoing male/female.
A man/woman of God fears God and is defined by their faith.
A churchgoer simply attends service to mask their demons.

This blog is meant to let my demons run free.


Be it Satan or God (SEGA) I have been blessed and cursed with the gift of music.
My fear is that my endeavors into homosexuality may cause me to lose my gifts.
Granted Kanye is a faggot and he makes music considered to be classic.
And if Kanye is Dilla (which I highly doubt), then I will personally give Ye a bj, scoop his left ball, and apologize profusely.
But even if Kanye is Dilla, he still has to answer for his tendencies.

"Don't wanna lose what I had as a boy..."
-Incubus, "Love Hurts"

I want to win the war for Sonic the Hedgehog.
So much so, I want to BE Sonic.
I want me.
Then I want all of SEGA.
Then I want acknowledgement of The Illuminati.
Then I want the admiration of women.
Finally, I want the extinction of men.

And I love trannies.

The Socratic Doomer
This summer.

~follow the buzzards~

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