Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Black History's Blunt pt. 2: 3rd Rock From The Sun

(from Wikipedia)

Peter Phillips (born June 21, 1970), better known by his stage name Pete Rock, is an American record producer, DJ and rapper. He rose to prominence in the early 1990s as one half of the critically acclaimed group Pete Rock & CL Smooth. After the duo went their separate ways, Rock continued with a solo career that has garnered him worldwide respect, though little in the way of mainstream success. Along with groups such as Stetsasonic, Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots, Rock played a major role in the merging of elements from jazz into hip hop music (also known as jazz rap). He is widely recognized as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time, and is often mentioned alongside DJ Premier, RZA and J Dilla as one of the mainstays of 1990s East Coast hip hop production. Pete Rock is also the older brother and younger cousin, respectively, of rappers Grap Luva and the late Heavy D.
The first time I met Pete Rock, he was DJing at SOBs.
This was after B/A (Demevolist) gave me a beat CD from him and I rapped over his flip of Tubular Bells.
He was spinning, the records were ill, the blends were tight... and then, he did the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed.
He started making a beat through scratching.
I might be a turntable-novice, but I've never seen a DJ cut up a beat like that before.
I've seen scratch breaks get flipped.
Shouts to QBert.
But nah.
He was actually making a Petestrumental, LIVE, on stage at SOBs.

I walked over to his set and praised the shit out of him.

What the Wiki article failed to mention is that, at the time, mainstream hip-hop was being sterilized.
ATCQ was reigning, but EVERY hip-hop act was hardcore.
Only to be exposed for lying.
I think it was around 2000 when PR dropped "Petestrumentals" and inspired me to make beats.
Like, I was always a musician, but Ptstrmntls had something a lot of other producers didn't have.


And just when you think you've gotten a handle on what he sampled, either an emcee would start spitting or the beat would go in an entirely different direction.

On his Instagram bio, he says he's the "Greatest Hip-Hop Musician Ever".
I'm a young veteran (ho-hum), but it's hard to disagree.
"T.R.O.Y." remains one of the deadliest beats EVER.
My FAVORITE beat of his is "Down With The King" for Run-DMC.
Yes, he's a Soul Brother, but I can hear a metal/alternative influence in his music.

And, if SEGA still means anything to you, he's Davina.
Kinda awkward to say that, knowing how gorgeous I think Davina is, and how much testicular fortitude it takes to look PR in the eyes.

3rd Rock From The Sun, you are AN OVERDOSE.
I hope you never stop.
Blessings to you.

And... I somewhat borrowed your technique for GarageBand.
I'll let StarChasers look up how you do it.


~follow the buzzards~

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