Saturday, 25 February 2017

Candles, sandles and handles.

I could be happy.
I think I can, at least.
I said a prayer for the first time in a long time today.
Maybe it hasn't been that long.
I think I blogged about saying a prayer at some point.
But yeah.
I asked God to remove some of the pain I've been experiencing.
I think my fear of rape has gotten the best of me.
As well as fickle women, critical fans, downlow men and Yhe Illuminati.
But yeah.
God immediately gave me a feeling of security.

This proves God exists.
I knew she did.
But so many people have done fucked up shit, both to me and the world at large, in God's name.
And have been doing it forever.

Fucked up things happen on my name, too.
Thus making it hard to count on me for anything other than music.
So I give my all through music.
Answers, questions, confessions... YOU NAME IT! (Shirley Ceasar voice)

Alas, it might be true.
Pain may be my fuel.
Then again, when I was happy, I made music most of you still consider classic.

For now, I think I regret pouring so many emotions into Rihanna/TheAwkwardSeries.
It just led to confusion and poor judgement.
I should not have let Briana live with me.
No matter how hard she (psychically) insisted she was Rihanna.

My damn iPhone thinks it's funny I got hit by her.
So do most of you.
Those with subconsciouses understand why I didn't hit her back.
I don't get the joke.
At the same time, some other dude beat her ass on national television.

No one said a word about karma.

I didn't do it, so I don't care.
And I'd still like to beat it again, so I'm leaving it there.
Then again, why go back?
It doesn't make sense to.

lol I have enough Industry stories to last me on this blog for a lifetime.
I guess the business does change your perception.

Sucks, because my only perception was SEGA.

And like that, I'm out for the night.

So what you forgot?

~follow the buzzards~

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