Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Online laxative(s)

That last blog post had some rage in it!
I'm glad I got some of that stuff off my chest.
All y'all niggas over there (in the fine print, as I like to call it), get it together.
Know who the hell you are before you try to jeopardize who I am.

I believed/KNEW I was Charles Hamilton, WAY before I was introduced (in this lifetime) to Sonic.

Let not my love for the anthropomorphic be my downfall.

In the blink of an eye, ya heard?

And now, I feel better.

Sonic, I love you.
Stay with me.
Stay me.
Everyone else, you have some serious decisions to make.
It's the difference between doom and freedom.

Jail is doom.
Halo's room is doom.
Sciryl's bars are a doom.
Kesed's poetry is a doom.
Aja's poetry is a doom.
Bard High School Early College is a doom.
FDA (after school) is a doom.
CLEVELAND is a doom.

See, I've been around doom all my life.
But... check this out?
I'll go back to all the above EXCEPT jail (because there goes your freedom) if it means I can be myself.
I can't be me around y'all.
Sure I've mistreated myself.
But y'all (some; the "some" everyone is trying to reference in common conversation) only throw dirt on my already nailed-shut coffin.

By being yourself.
An action I've asked you to do from the jump.

If only I knew you being yourself would be to my detriment.

But I still love you.


If it means you get ratchet, you'll become more of what I love.

Everyone knows Bull O'Conner loved some Black tail.

~follow the buzzards~

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