Friday, February 17, 2017

Originally a FB post.

It's official.
My two favorite rappers are Obie Trice and SKE the Heistman.
I just heard an Obie freestyle that re-changed my life.
I've ALWAYS loved Obie.
I think his flow, though reminiscent of Jay-Z, is a standard in hip-hop.

Which might make Jay a standard.

But it comes from somewhere.
You can feel the pain in his bars.

I tried to rap like Obie on StH: Cloud.
Just get hella drunk and vent.
I kinda didn't like how it came out.
But it spawned this new genre for me.

Sober Music.

Search the blog for more info.

As far as SKE, I get into his tales of being a hustler.
He's got great wordplay, a hard flow, and a dope sense of humor.

Alas, he's down with ... the other side.
Not the other team (fuckin' homos), but... the opposition.
Those of whom are profiting off The Black Market.

I kinda just snitched, so if I turn up missing, I always loved SEGA and I'm a fucking individual.

The Socratic Doomer is better than anything to come.

I just listened to some of it.
I'm great, dude.

And shouts to the StarChasers sending me money.
I kinda need it nowadays.
But no, that wasn't me asking for $500 on Facebook.
Like I said, my account got hacked.

I'm glad I'm getting so much love for "Responsibility".
I really like that song.
And the original record, "Shake It Down".

Shouts to HamilVision for making a dope video for "Shake It Down".

Long live King Dilla.

Well, I got plans tonight (ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!), so I'm making this short.

Holla whenever.

~follow the buzzards~

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