Friday, 3 February 2017

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So I JUST sent The Socratic Doomer to SEGA.
I have ties to the infrastructure.
Now, I don't have to drop it at all.
The right people are listening.
If I do decide to drop it (July 17th, 2017), I'm sure it would end up leaked before then, so you're gonna want more.

Well SEGA, the ball is in your court.

Will you follow the bizarre "anti-leak" policy of Jeff (or Jay)?
Will you NOT EVEN ASK if you can drop it on your own?
Will you undermine the wishes of mine of which you don't even know I have?

Will you even listen?


I spoke with HamilVision's Markus, and ...I got a chance to reprimand him for being a doomer.
Someone who is getting pleasure out of my SEGA-driven insanity.
He assured me he wasn't trying to doom me, and that he feels we deserve more recognition for our work.

And I wholeheartedly agree.

HamilVision has been around LONG before MVGenerator (no shade).

However, MVGenerator IS SEGA.

So maybe we inspired our maker.


I may be going on tour with Mod Sun pretty soon.
He’s a great guy.
I had my reservations about him, I’ll admit.
It’s not easy to trust …anyone.
Nonetheless a rapper who says their inspired by me.
Shouts to Catfish and The Bottom Feeder.
But he seems genuine.
He picked up bars I thought went unappreciated.

So y'all can stop asking me for my favorite J Dilla song/instrumental.

I'm ghost for now.

White people, stop trying to access my GMail account.

Or is it YOU, White-thing-I-don't-believe-exists...?


~follow the buzzards~

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