Friday, 24 February 2017


Everyone wants to fight.
I know this, because there are so many posts and usernames talking about "these hands" and catching the fade.
I was once there.
Granted I was willing to ONLY fight for the independence of SEGA, but regardless.
I wanted to put up my dukes and scrap.
I don't tolerate disrespect very well.

But what is everyone so mad for?

I have THE ANSWER to everyone's anger.
I just feel as though I've given so many answers already that you'd probably rule it off as psycho babble.
So, it stays stored in my head.

Translation: ass!

I should probably delete that.
Too many people are gunnng for my ass to begin with.

So here.
At least one new song a month this year.
That was my plan, as well as only dropping The Socratic Doomer.
I have some L Words in the stash, a new StH, and I'm thinking of recording another Intervention.

With this one, I'm totally with the shits.

I kinda don't feel like blogging anymore about that, so... just stay tuned.
You might get more music this year after all.


~follow the buzzards~

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