Friday, February 10, 2017

The aftermath of (me listening to) Warch the Throne

I was in court-ordered rehab when Watch the Throne dropped.
Matt (Michelson) sent me an iPod with it, along with TMMLP, The Pink Lavalamp and a few other projects on there.
I was hesitant to listen to it at first.
I thought I would be creating it as I listen.

I was probably right.

But foolish me, I kept listening.

Now, if I WAS creating the album as I listened, Jay's verses would be stronger than anything I have ever said/have yet to say, and Kanye's verses/beats would be rip offs of my ideas/weaker than anything I have yet to say.
So I took it as an ultimate diss album.
Seeing as how Jay feels I don't know shit.

Maybe that's changed, but to change the past is to erode the future.

So when I got out of rehab, I vowed to make albums/mixtapes/projects stronger than WTT.
Which led to a new form of insecurity.
How could I beat such a beautiful creation?
What was there perspective?
Was it a bunch of diss tracks?

And I was medicated (I used to pop at least 6 lithium pills before bed), so the intensity of hate was there.

Things looked bleak.

I since dropped close to 150 projects, all without writing, all while using the most difficult DAW on the market.
I used Logic at times, and when I got an MPC 500, I tried to break it.
But GB is my girlfriend.

I haven't listened to WTT in a while, and I'm sure it still has the impact on me that it did when I first heard it.
Well Jay, is it love?
I could have your back forever.

Jack, help us by helping yourself.

"My reality just set in..."

I have a lot of gas now.
Blame last night's late night hero and this morning's overdose of coffee.

Just wanted to put out there that Watch The Throne, J Dilla and SKE the Heistman have been the influences of the last 5 years.

And Madlib.

I wanna be (lyrically) MF DOOM without writing.

Shouts to Halo and Sciryl.
Those freestyle videos have been OD lately.
Feeling very inspired.

Still, only one release this year.
Maybe forever.
I gotta see some changes.
I'm going up against mumble rappers and swagged out industry implants.

Be back later.

~follow the buzzards~

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