Friday, February 24, 2017

The glory of "No Title"

Can you feel my ambition?
My rage?
I was everything I wanted to be.
I remember the day I recorded this song.
I woke up from the dream that placed Drake, Rick Ross and Keri Hilson in a compromising situation.
I wrote to the beat, waited for Ninja-neer to show up to the studio, and I went in.
Later that same day, Ninja called this bassist and this guitarist.
And we jammed for about 20 minutes.
In the same key as "No Title".
It was the reunion/formation of SEGA.

It was real.
Very real.
Maybe too real for the masses.
"Hold on, let me finish!"

Maybe you guys still have Substance Abuse.
I'm sorry (Toya) for calling you a bird bitch.
You just gotta watch the company you keep.

And on that note, GOOD NIGHT!!!

~follow the buzzards~

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