Sunday, February 26, 2017

The L Word: Simone

So there's another L Word.
Mixed, mastered, and meant.
I really want all... ahem... ALL Simones to listen.
They understand me.
Thing is, I don't wanna drop it.
I don't wanna drop anything.
Not even The Socratic Doomer.

Music seems to be doing just fine without me.

Now now, execs.
That doesn't mean force Drake and Future to drop more music.
What I'm saying is, there is a level of appreciation that I work towards that I just don't get.
And it breaks Simone's heart.
All of them, if I'm reading the signs right.

Who's is it?

I'm aware that a lot of people listen to my music.
I'm not aware of what they get from it.
I don't write down every bar, so I can't see the content.
I just know that it's from the heart.
And will.
And soul.
Something I thought I lost a few years back.

This post is about one of the songs on The L Word: Simone.
It's called "A Stolen Thank You".
This/that song is the reason why it's so hard for me to record anything new.
I literally said everything I wanted to say to you (Simone).
All I have to do now is smoke some weed with you.
I know your tolerance is pretty high, and there's not much more to see after me (conceit? nah; you complete me), but still.
I want to take you to heights I imagined by any other being.

I believe in free will.
But what happens when you meet the master?
His will is your way.
So yeah.
I can't blame anyone for not acknowledging me.
I almost don't want to be acknowledged.

I would've loved a Grammy, however.

But I won't diss Chance.
Or Childish.
Though I've responded to some jabs from Gambino before.
Unless they weren't jabs.
Whatever, says the clueless saint.

So there's that.

"I'm sorry, Simone!"
-Charles Hamilton, "A Stolen Thank You"

And Sasheer, you could get LAID!

~follow the buzzards~

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