Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Rise of Enjetic

Big ups to Long Island!
So far, Strong Illie has produced about 6 emcees I deem worthy of galactical attention.
First there was SKE the Heistman.
Then Spud Mackneasy.
Before them, there was my Brick Oven family.

But now, there's Enjetic.
He writes in his head as well.
Has a great singing voice.
Very easy to work with.
Very eager to work.
And he has a message.

He currently is plotting on taking on the political arena.
He started AMA (Asking Myself Association), an anti-bullying coalition.

This song, "AutomaticClassic", is a song about the heroin epidemic in Long Island.
But I'll let you (the listener) decide who and what he's talking about.
It's on Smart Water, a project we recorded and released last year.
I'm currently shopping a deal for him.

To contact Enjetic, email him at

Do it for the kids.

~follow the buzzards~

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