Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Spectacles of Angela Lansbery

So many eyes on me.
I just read a blog post from Jay Wonder (long time StarChaser) where he described our first time meeting.
It was pretty cool to see the perception of me from the perspective of someone who's been listening.
I am pretty quiet.
I don't like trouble, as often as I get in it.

I feel like Fred Flinstone.
Don't even ask me why.
I'm just watching an episode of The Flinstones and I'm able to connect with Fred the most right now.
Might be temporary.
Or, it could be the start of a new awakening for me.
I'm still Sonic.
At least I hope I am.

SEGA has HUGE plans for the hedgehogs.
And the echidna.
I'm just not at liberty to talk about it.
I love SEGA.
I want them with me everywhere I go.
They mean so much to me.

It sucks how Earth tried to tear us apart.
But it all comes down to this...

Work with me.

I've always been into magic.
To me, it's as natural as blinking.
But when I started to STUDY it (formally), that's when the problems between me and SEGA started.
After my trip to London in 2013, I bought $150 worth of heroin and read everything about Wicca.
I determined to be the wicked witch of music.
Specifically, hip-hop.
So I have no time for SEGA and the shortcomings of John Nintendo.

I'm keeping the world spinning through music.

See, SEGA doesn't even know if Jack is John.
So how would they know if I needed to defend myself?
SEGA isn't even sure if John Nintendo exists.
To me, he's a hallucination.
Inadvertently, I allow(ed) my hallucinations to guide my day to day.
Ask Guns 'N' Roses about using your illusions.

Moving on, StH: Boom is DONE.
I sent it to some people.
Some key people in my life.
I might not drop it.
I might wait until SEGA drops a certain bomb.
Whatever I decide to do with it, just know that it couldn't/wouldn't come at a better time for humanity.

Another -L Word could (finally) be in the works.
I find myself emotionally drained and irritable after recording those, so I probably won't do it often.
I just do it as a reminder to women that no one can love them more than I can.

So there's that.

I found myself singing some early CH music not too long ago.
I'm very talented, if I must say so myself.
Shit, no one else is saying it.
And when they do, it comes with a demo tape and a heart-wrenching letter.

Back to this new -L Word I might start working on.
I already made a song called "Simone".
Simone is the name of ... my end.
My doom, if you will.
ALL Simones know what it is between me and them.
I just have to man up and let them know what I want out of a relationship.
The love is deep.
The lust is INSANE.
But I can't seem to grasp how they feel about me.

I love Simone(s).
But am I capable of accepting their (seemingly) unconditional love?

So bad, they can turn a nigga gay.
I hate when chicks are that bad.
Just let me beat and go die somewhere!
I'm kidding.
I don't want y'all to die.

It's late/early.
Back to the beats.

~follow the buzzards~

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