Friday, February 03, 2017

The X Factor

I love The X Files.
Truly a great franchise.
They've always been in tune with ... what I ALWAYS been talking about.

Scully is Silver (with her fine ass).
Mulder is J Dilla.

If you're looking for me, I'm in the studio.
If you're looking for the truth, you ARE the truth.
You're just on a goose chase.
A wild one, at that.

Moving on.

Out of love and respect for the hedgehogs, I stopped eating pork.
But FUCK I need a pork chop with some gravy on top.

I like/love hot wings.
My uncle and I used to go HAM on Hot Wings Cafe in LA.

Alas, there's something wrong with food.
And only J Dilla knows the truth.
It's not easy eating food nowadays.
Not even home-cooked meals.
Food is basically the bodies of broken (read: GAY) men.
Milk is semen.
Chocolate is poop.
Thus making my hidden orgasm device, Oreos, wack.


I said it.
It's off my chest.
Now, do what thou wilt with such information.

Thank you, J Dilla.
I will continue to share your gospel.

Or maybe I shouldn't.
Maybe I should just NOT say anything, anymore.

As long as I got Scully and Mulder watching my back (or hunting me), I can be free to talk.


~follow the buzzards~

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