Sunday, February 26, 2017

Understanding Shadow

I spent some time with Shadow the Hedgehog.
Basically every man's dream come true.
He can be complete asshole.
No doubt about it.

He has a unique ability to transport himself.
It gets him into trouble, but it is worship-able.
And his music is everywhere (see: "Hamilton, Charles").
But my thing is...


He has to learn how to control his urges.
And watch his fucking mouth.
Then again, he is a god.

The god Jack Splash.

I wouldn't be mad if he was John Nintendo.
I just thought I was John Nintendo.
It's kinda hard not to believe I am him.

Moving on.

I don't want this war to continue.
I want my friends.
If they can even be called that.
But damn, dudes.
You really have lives outside of me.

Then expect me NOT to bow.

"When am I gonna get a chance to sing?"

~follow the buzzards~

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