Friday, 17 February 2017

Your soul is at peace...

Yes, I have your soul.
Your soul is tormented.
Your soul hasn't slept in centuries.
Possibly a millennium.
You needed me to take your soul.
But, if you have it you give it, only to regenerate it in a minute.

Your soul can never be taken.
It can only be viewed.

I am taking care of your soul.
Love me as if I were you, and you can see your soul through my eyes.
Manipulate me, and you're killing yourself.

This is to a select majority.
Not to the masses.
The masses have to find their soul first.
And you cannot find your soul in Trap.
Trap erodes your soul.
It slows down your heart.
Making it a task to love more than the material things.

So, to some, love your soul's reaver.
May your body forgive you for your indiscretions.
Though my body, heart and soul belongs to you, I have to give my mind to myself.
A scary task, as I am not wrapped too tight.

SEGA, thank you so much for your gifts.
Allow me to provide you with the love you can no longer find within yourself.

Atari, this is our time.
Just love and respect SEGA.

Nintendo, this is war.
A war of which a truce can be called at any minute.

Madonna, you must choose your side.

This concludes this blog entry.
I'm at the shrink's office, where I will reveal all my secrets.
Including what I did, last night.

Charles Hamilton, I need you.
I lust after you.
I love you.


~follow the buzzards~

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