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A favor for a friend...

PLEASE, ARTIS IS PERFORMING at SXSW and he NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GET THERE! COPY and PASTE this link "" or Go to INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW (@CHEFBOYARTIS) and click the #LINKBIO read his story and help him out. Help me spread the word! Please #SHARE, #REPOST, #RETWEET the link & share to Facebook directly from the website! Do it for the #culture #Hiphop #SupportIndependentArtists

Organizer: Perpetua Romain, Publicist
For: Jaquan "Artis" Barnett, @ChefBoyArtis
Los Angeles, CA © 2017 Beautiful Noize Ent., LLC.

Fundraiser: YouCaring
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The Story

Jaquan “Artis” Barnett is battling Crohn’s Disease while suffering the destruction caused by California floods. Artis is a conscious hip-hop lyricist, producer, recording engineer & independent music label owner residing in Los Angeles. He is self-taught in film production and has been successfully up and coming, performing shows, radio interviews, working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, AV LMKR, CyHi The Prynce, other G.O.O.D. Music affiliates and more. Artis is booked to perform in two slots at South By Southwest 2017 (SXSW)— an annual music & film conference in Austin, TX that draws over 2,000 acts & 50,000 attendees worldwide. It’s an amazing networking platform to gain the exposure he needs to acquire fans, buzz & attention. His gigs are March 16-17, but setbacks affect his chances to make it & he needs your help to attend!

Artis funds his label personally via rideshare & recording sessions in order to remain independent. In 2015, he endured strenuous 90 hour work weeks to create his dream studio that he spent 11 years of his life building gradually since college. He constructed the booth with his bare hands & completed the full studio at the top of 2016, worth $60,000 in high-quality equipment.

Unfortunately, the unexpectedly heavy California rain storms of January-February 2017 flooded his entire studio. Since his equipment is contaminated from airborne mold, humidity & residue, it is untouchable until it's professionally cleaned. Therefore, the studio space is unusable and even with professional remediation by the landlord, it's possible the gear may not be salvaged. The landlord & company have been negligent on remediation repairs from their lack of efficient foundation. The studio, living & dining areas have quickly developed severely inhabitable levels of mold growth, causing Artis to suffer mold allergy complications & several doctor’s visits, which led to his hospitalization for 4 days considering his susceptible immune system from Crohn’s Disease.

Plagued by setbacks, he completely lost a source of income, lost time & days of work from illness, phone calls to the housing/health departments & inspection appointments to rectify the mold issue. He’s been getting slammed with out of pocket costs to build a case against the landlord as well as for an attorney to help him through this process which is still happening to this day. This is why he needs you. Please help him finally catch a break & keep his eye on the prize. Your contribution to his performance would be supportive of promoting music with a message— a breath of fresh air from music on the radio today that misrepresents true hip hop.

Artis missed attending SXSW in 2014, after a high energy performance he did in November 2013 at the House of Blues San Diego. Sadly, he could not take advantage of the blessing because his father lost his business in January 2014, resulting in his parents falling into a financial crisis on the verge of bankruptcy. Just days later, his father’s dad passed away. Artis stepped up to prevent his family from becoming homeless & began driving for Lyft/Uber in February 2014. With the unexpected death & the funeral in Virginia, he sent his father & siblings to the burial. He stayed behind to work & pay bills, sacrificing his chance to even see his own grandfather buried & not having funds to secure a performance slot at SXSW ‘14. He put his artistry on hold for two years, working 14+ hour days, taking no days off to help his parents. Today he has a second chance & you can help his comeback!

Please, open your hearts & help him make it to Texas. Your help & compassion is needed, greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten! Please, EVERY PENNY COUNTS. Our goal is to raise the funds by March 11th!

Budget details: Artist, DJ, Photographer & Videographer
Travel Dates: March 14-19, 2017



$2,782.80 ROUNDTRIP AIR, HOTEL, RENTAL CAR; $40 GAS IN-TOWN; $200 MERCH PROMO; $400 FOOD (@ $20/day pp); $87.18 FLYER PROMO w/TAX= $3,509.98

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