Thursday, March 02, 2017


I finally figured out why I am a loser.
I don't change.
While certain things are being revealed to you through me (via God and the Aliens), my demeanor is the same.
A mild-mannered, conceited, Gothic Gospel Witch.

I want so bad to conquer and master evil.
Doing so can control wizardry.

Then I will be set free.

Then what?

What will I do with this newlyfound freedom?
Will I murder?
Will I heal?
Will I love?

I spoke to Lisa today.
I told her I've been flirting with StarChasers.
I DIDn*T tell her that they've all been her.

Her mind and body might be disconnected.
It wouldn't be her fault.
In fact, it would be the fault of The World At Large.

For her to rise, she must fall off.
I'll soothe the pain, the best way I can.

Such can sound like I have A LOT of work to do (a subtle wink at The Illuminati), but...
If I can make this work, I would have achieved my freedom.

I might start bringing The Bible in the booth with me.

"Leave your knives and your guns at home!"
-MC Lyte

~follow the buzzards~

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