Sunday, March 05, 2017

Queen StarChaser(s)

Actually the title of a song.
Meet the Queens Of My Music.

Jacqueline Ortiz-Parques

Tori Imani Ferguson (congrats)

Samantha Marie Wilson

I don't even know if those are their real names.
They just touch my heart so particularly.
Samantha's been down since (the technical) day one.
Nothing but love and nervous flirts from yours truly.
Tori came around in 2010.
We had/have a love/hate relationship.
Kinda centered around lust.
Jackie reached out when I first came home from jail in 2011.
We've been in touch ever since.

I thank them.
It feels like their my own female fans.
I do wish for more female fans.

But that's the Drake factor.
Drake took all the ladies!
Well, at least I got the Goths.

I will remain down.
Even if 6 disagrees.

~follow the buzzards~

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