Thursday, March 30, 2017

We have a 2018 in progress...

So depending on the reaction to The Socratic Doomer, there's a chance I won't be dropping any more free music.
However, due to contractual obligations, there might not be a way to make money from music until 2020.
Which swallows.
Me and Iggy are fighting the same fight.
Nothing is stopping me from releasing free music except the fact I need to pay bills.
But if I can make some money between now and next year, I have the ideal project to drop.

And I'm being humble.

This is not going to be one of those you just listen to one time and forget about.
This is epic.
In fact, it may do what it's supposed to do.

Make you only want me.

I love you, SEGA.

But I'm going for mine.

I will be King of the Galaxy.

Says the villain, of course.

As the time draws closer, I'll announce the name of the project.
I know some of you are waiting for Dateline (which is set around the same time as The Pink Lavalamp).
Others are waiting for an all-written project.
Specifically, Pen Attention.

I want to leave The Pink Lavalamp era alone.
It's got it's moments, but I hardly even speak to the people that were around during that time.
We've all gone on to do our own thing.
Now, I want to represent what I love, bring pride to my family and prove I am the greatest musician to ever exist.

The Socratic Doomer should put me over the top.
But what I'm working on now will end all doubt.

~follow the buzzards~

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