Saturday, April 01, 2017

Free Trading (a beat)

I'm waiting to get hit first.
All these threats are subconscious.
So instead of jumping out, swinging and being wrong, I'm staying still, protecting my face and... being right.
And there's ...well, everyone is swinging at me.
Or, it could be my paranoia.
I could blame the weed.
I could (and should) blame the past.
But no.
This is an issue much bigger than me.

And no one can see these things except me.
I'm either chosen, gifted, or bat shit crazy.

Many smirked at the bat shit crazy part.
To those smirking, are you sure I'm wrong?
What makes me crazy?

Told you.

The Socratic Doomer
July 17th, 2017

Final free release.
Anything after this is an unsolicited leak.

~follow the buzzards~

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