Saturday, April 08, 2017

Napoleon Jobs

My music requires a computer.
If my music is outdated because Trap sounds better on mobile phone speakers, so be it.
But the overall experience of my music is heightened on a computer.
Specifically a MacBook Pro.
Harlem gets money, but we ain't rich.
So to my Harlem brethren and sistren, I pray you're able to hear my music.

But The Revolution Is Digitized.

Don't allow the rich higher-ups to deceive you into believing you don't need a computer.
A computer is The American Dream.
I'll be happy with just my laptop.

My mic, of course.
But just my laptop.


I hope you're ready for The Socratic Doomer.

Nah, you're not.
No one is.

Not even the few who've heard it.

Of whom may never listen to anything else again.

~follow the buzzards~

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