Monday, April 10, 2017

Peter Moore meets Steve Jobs

I did some routine maintenance for Apple today.
Just updating some metadata and giving Trudi the lowdown on life since Dilla and Beyonce left me.
SEGA, I really need to get a hold of my ... self.
Creation is Magic.
If I am the Creator (with the name Creator Hallucination), then all must acknowledge the power of magic.
But if I am one of four, then may Jack, James and George get the love they deserve.

I pray for them.
I prayed for them.
I prayed for them, as early as today.
I saw God, and even God wants to see us reunite.

But there are some things we have to be clear on.

I bow to you three.
I only started hanging out with others because I didn't see you around (me).
To make matters worse, the friends I had before I was reintroduced to you guys are far below quality.
If they're even friends at all.

Maybe they mean well.
And that's the reason why I continue to hang with them.
Not you, Chris Young.
You're cool.
As much as I love him, I'm still unsure about Sciryl.
Same with Halo.
And Sha-leik is creepy to me.

So I'll be alone, waiting for my SEGA folk.

If that's what I should do.

Until then, I'm thinking about more music.
I can and will record, but will I drop anything?

Only time will reveal.

~follow the buzzards~

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