Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Props to the spinner...

I find it remarkable that Funkmaster Flex is showing love to the DJs.
NY has gotten sick of Flex's technique over the years, but he's a true turntablist.
So shouts to you, Funkmaster Flex!!!

I actually met Rob Swift a few years ago.
He's a great guy.
Just a bit scary.
He doesn't know how he's scary.
And if he does, he should really cut that shit out.

Statik is slowly becoming my new favorite producer.
I prefer chops, and his beats don't seem to have any, but he's STILL dope.
His style reminds me of my 2005-2009 style.

Had to switch things up.
Too many people were biting and misusing it.

Not you, Statik.

Holla at me, y'all.
I'm trippin.
I don't know what's what.
I can only count on my senses.
And they have been deceived and misused.

Just like my talent.

I'm out.

~follow the buzzards~

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