Monday, April 24, 2017

The Hours of Horus

Taking a piss feels SO MUCH BETTER when the pee is yellow.

Just an observation.

I found a dope artist.
Mod Sun.
I've mentioned him on here before.
I think we have a picture together.

I just checked Google.
We don't.

Anyway, I really want to produce EXCLUSIVELY for one rapper.
And get into the mainstream with him or her.
I may have found it with Enjetic.
He's the only one I have fun with in the studio.
Meaning, his technique is MUCH MORE advanced than anyone I've worked with (so far).
I HATE to say it, but we might go farther than me and CYoung did.

And I LOVE CYoung.

The reason I feel we might travel the game further is, Young wants to prove versatility.
Enj pretty much just wants to get me paid.
I didn't trust it at first, but we bonded this weekend.
We went to Atlantic City.
Plenty Henny.
No bud.
If I had a connect in AC, we would've lit the boardwalk.

As far as Turn First/First Access, time is starting to reveal all the positives they've done for me.
I've only been focused on the negative.
Hard to escape my feelings for Nadia (Khan), Jono means well and Sarah is a hustler.
I got love for them.
But... I was censored.

I couldn't talk about my Apple affiliation.
Couldn't talk about my exploits in magick.
I HAD to make a "Black Lives Matter" song.
It's not that I DON'T think Black Lives Matter.
But there are 2-3 different types of Black.

I am a Black man, blacked on by Black Magick.
So I referred to White Magick.

White power.

~follow the buzzards~

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