Friday, 7 April 2017

The sin of Psalm 51

God provided a way out of sin I. The Old Testament.
Psalm 51.
The Psalm of forgiveness.
Basically, that's what "A Stolen Thank You" is.
I'm repenting for my sins in an attempt to get back the only woman I love.

However, she's taken.

Or is she?


Let me clear the air.
When I get scared or intimidated, I tell Illuminati secrets to those who scare or intimidate me.
Whatever they do with these secrets is on them.
I just don't want to be a victim of any form of abuse anymore.
So basically, The Illuminati had mad outsiders knowing how they work.

And it's my fault.

If no one can repeat these secrets, or if I'm sadly mistaken, then cool.
I'm just repenting my sins against the secret society which continues to allow me to reign.

Who cares if it's believable?

I do, but I hardly believe in my bottom line anymore.

I love SEGA.
I just need them to have more faith in me.
I might not sell records like Drake, be as humble as Kendrick or be light skinned like J. Cole, but I hold my own and I hold it down.

My new music, as good as it is, is the most vulnerable I've ever been.
You might look at me different for the new stuff.
But I'm proud of it.
If I die with these projects recorded, I'd be confident in my content.

I'm hungry, showered and headed to the studio.
I might be back later.

~follow the buzzards~

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