Wednesday, May 03, 2017

About the Memo (track by track)

"How Much"
I feel as though I've been exploiting my beauty, only to have the girl I truly want ignore me. The lesson is to appreciate yourself before you try to show any form of appreciation to and for someone or something else.

"Must Not"
As I was going in with the writing process for this beat, I found myself caught up in choosing the right word to describe what I do. Be it spiritual or supernatural, it's metaphysical.

"The Rocking Chair"
The thoughts of an Egyptian god who is about to be worshipped.

"Mainstream Gods (Polytheism)"
Instead of taking aim at Drake for his subliminal shots at me, this is an appeal to him. Basically, we're both tyrants in the game. We both had an underground start. He's just more visible than I.

"My Lovely Green Polo"
With no one and nothing on my side, all I have is the image I have built for myself SINCE wearing the color pink. I have no fear in any color, in living color.

"Shun Di (Dollar Van)"
Shun Di was the old man in Virtua Fighter. I have taught many, but it is my students I'm most weary of.

"The Wrapture"
God gave me a new style to record with, and I wrapped it. This song is a celebration of such.

"Sailor Venus"
I have found the girl of my dreams. And she has a man. But deep down, I know she still loves me.

"ConEd feat. Enjetic"
This is me and an up-and-coming MC from Long Island going back and forth on the "Light Up" (Jay Z and Drake) instrumental.

"Masato Nakamura feat. VS Diamond"
This is me and another up-and-coming MC. She's from Queens. Google search Masato Nakamura.

"Rocked Out feat. Chris Young"
This is actually from the second 3rd Eye Magic project. Chris was just cool with me putting it on this mixtape.

"D Sharp Minor feat. Frank MIDI"
A party joint. Party records have changed since I last checked.

Here's to hoping you enjoy the mixtape.
It was fun to record and I got a chance to say all that I've been meaning to say.
And there's still room for me to vent and grow.

Please Listen To My Memo 2: Poisonous Post-Its

I'll be around...

~follow the buzzards~

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