Monday, 29 May 2017

As The Bachelor Party Wraps...

I'm guilty of breaking hearts.
One night stand(s).
Well, technically just ONE one night stand.
But yeah.

I haven't been the best to women.

And AS SOON as I think I found the right one, the one I felt was PERFECT FOR ME shows up OUT OF NOWHERE.

She hasn't expressed romantic interest, but the flame between us was A LOT to deal with.
So many emotions in our time(s) together.
I pushed her away from Rihanna/Briana.

And we saw how that turned out.

I don't know, dude.
I think the SMARTEST thing for me to do is focus on music and magick.

Or, machiq.


"There's something about you (baby) that makes me want to give it to you..."
-Michael Jackson, "Keep It In The Closet"

Ironically, the first time we contacted sexually was in a utility closet.

It was THAT intense.

Yeah man.
Music first.

But see, she was a musician.
Like, a HARDCORE musician.
Like me.

This is getting interesting.

I made several beats today.
I plan on making more.
But shawty just indented her way back into my heart.

Nicki, Bey, Daft, forgive me.
I want one woman who I can treat like a queen and fuck like a slave.

Not too much to ask.

As well as my own place in Phoenix, AZ with a lot of weed and all my studio equipment.

Let us pray.
Or play.

Shouts to all my PURE musicians out there.

I'll be back later.

~could he... be me?~

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