Monday, May 01, 2017

Doing too much

Since magick and I fell in love, I've been doing some amazing things for people.
I've always been able to make people rich.
Now I know how to edify one's spirit.
I think my feeling of emptiness came from not being able to do things for people.
Now I do.

But that's not why you're here.
You want new music and stories to make you feel like I need some sort of intervention.

I'm good.
For now.
I've been recording some of my best music, I might be working on retail album number 2, and SEGA is doing just fine.
All I have to worry about is sustaining a living.

Universe/Galaxy, I have invested all of my abilities (paranormal, psychics, etc,) into music.
Is there any way I can be compensated?

I think I'm gonna stop doing tarot readings for people.
All they do is try to change the futures
One of the first things oaychics tell you is to not try to change the future.
I can literally change the past.

I just can't bring my mother back.
Or un-walk on Lenox Ave in 2007.

The Socratic Doomer is among us.
How about a mixtape to warm you up for it?

Expect it.
This month.
Maybe even today!

Holla at me, some!

~follow the buzzards~

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