Thursday, May 04, 2017

For the further marketing of Charles Hamilton (me).

I am dead.
I died by the hands of jealous, big name rappers.
And jealous hood niggas.
I am only ressurected by the music of J Dilla, Madlib and Jack Splash.


So my music reflects each of their legacy.
With a hint of Dr. Dre.
Which basically means musicianship.

But I am dead.
So seeing me is a happy day.
No matter how dreary it is.

This is a pic taken right around the time I disappeared in 2016.
Before the release of "Hamilton, Charles".
I vanished because I wasn't comfortable with anything.
Very much various pressure points, both from family and admin.

I'm in a better place now.
And musicians don't always get a second chance.

But I'm dead.

"You know dead rappers get better promotion..."
-Jadakiss, "We Gon Make It"

~follow the buzzards~

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