Sunday, 21 May 2017

"Gave Drake top, now I'm nicer!"

Lol where did that line come from?!
(closes laptop)

Why do my fans think I suck?
Have I gone that far left?
It's like, the better I TECHNICALLY get, the more often I have to deal with the talks of having fallen off.

I may have fallen from grace, but I haven't fallen off rapwise.

Or have I?

I stopped writing.
The last time I wrote a verse was for "Hamilton, Charles".
I've ghostwritten, but it's not as gratifying as killing a beat on your own.

So here I am.

Between styles.

And making the illest beats.
In 8 bits.


And Diamond has returned.
(alleged silence from the adoring crowd of all)

Yes, this is The Charles Hamilton Show, but the network keeps making changes at the last second.
Right before I go live.
And the cast has been on strike since 2013.

Will the show still be a hit this summer?

~follow the buzzards~

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