Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Got it twisted.

I admit.
But y'all must think it doesn't touch my heart when you tell me you listen.

Today, as I smoked (censored), I thought about the people who told me I changed their life.
It just set in.
You're welcome!
It sucks, because I can't seem to record anything today.
This year, I'm well into 300 songs.
Several albums.

Lest we forget the unreleased.

Nevertheless, July 17th, 2017 is the ...

Okay, let's settle something right now.

My family feels that giving away free music is a good thing IF I HAVE MONEY.
Jimmy paid me well for my free releases.
There was just no follow through.
Then again, he basically said "keep going" and "don't worry about a label debut."

That part is never made clear by the media.

Jimmy has to talk about me eventually.

Yes, I'm in talks to release a new album.
Things are at a stand still because (and it is here that I instruct you to glance, with your eyes, to the right) there are unclear motives in the Universal building.

Something like that.

Just know that I am loaded with cannons to drop at any given moment.

Thank you for enjoying this year's music.
This has been my most personal year musically, and I'm on edge to see what you guys have to say about my new music.

Drizzy, this is war.
Either you hate it, want to keep it, don't acknowledge ME as it, or I

got it twisted.

~follow the buzzards~

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