Thursday, May 04, 2017

If She's Simone (an actual song title)

This video scares the shit out of me.
For a few reasons.
I'm very trusting.
And I'm valuable.
So if some bad bitch invites me to her house for drinks, it might be a wrap for me.

But nah.

I wouldn't trust that bitch as far as I could throw her.

Such is the unfortunate demise/catapulting into superstardom of VS Diamond.

She's too pretty to rap.

Now, I love Nicki Minaj.
But she's no longer the Around the Way girl I fell in love with.
She's a fucking Barbie.
I'd probably cum on myself when I see her in person.
And yes, I'd love to do a song with her (Minaj).

But VS Diamond is the future of female Hip-Hop.
She is the BEST female wordsmith I have heard since Sa Roc and Invincible.
I'm not a flow enthusiast, but I can hear her flow being bitten by young females who want to rap.

And she's unrivaled with her beauty.

I met her through a Ruff Ryders affiliate.
She doesn't know how close she is to signing with them (SURPRISE, DEE!!!)
But she would make Eve very proud.

She's also on "Please Listen To My Memo 2: Poisonous Post-Its"!!!

This song right here, to kill your suspense.

Diamond, you've been a bearer of light for me since I met you.
Thank you for not believing I'm crazy.
You're in my prayers, and I believe in you as much as you believe in me.

Just know that you're so pretty you're deadly.
And if in the presence of the wrong people, you will be a tool/catalyst for doom.
Which would blacken your heart.
And weaken your spirit.

Then again, your mind would be like mine!
Then we'd be twins!

Blessings to you, beloved!
Hopefully this is the start of big things for you.

~follow the buzzards~

(oh yeah... and "If she's Simone, then all my love goes to her...")

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