Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Again in reverse.

I think I've just about had it with saying "nigga/nigger".
Yes, Black people piss me off to the highest level of pisstivity.
But Black love is resilient.
And wealth-ready.
However, slaveowners would beam if they heard us call each other "nigga/nigger".

They used to rape the biggest slaves in front of all the slaves, just to desensitize the others and warn them of being a threat.
They raped Chaka Zulu.

Whether we Black folks want to accept it or not.

So here I am.
A rapper.
A rape victim.
Trying to enlighten the illuminated race.
It feels like a lost cause.

But we all can start somewhere.
In fact, in this one where.

Let's try to curb saying "nigga/nigger".
If they want to enslave us, they're going to have to take us alive.
They can't creep into language and do it.
We (Black people) dead ass didn't speak AT ALL back home.
We had our native tongue.
We learned and mastered the White man's English.

How fucked up is it that we're allowing a degeneration of our river (Niger) to be our term of acquaintance?

I'll be around.

~could he... be me?~

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